Purse Frames
Investing in the best on the inside makes an item look like quality on the outside. Don't scrimp, buy the best, aren't you and your time worth it? See also the fun, fancy and frivilious notions to delight you and make you smile.
elwireswirls.jpg DazzleWire
DazzleWire- Express your personality with this AA battery operated glowing wire. A way cool way to zap up your clothing, sports gear, safety wear, jeans, jackets, signs, artwork, pet gear, room, motorcycle and more! Great for concerts, costumes and it's just plain fun. Couch on to fabric with clear thread and a cording foot or hand sew. Glue onto objects too. Comes in 3', 6', 10', 15', 20' lengths in blue, green, yellow, pink, red and purple. $12.95 for 3'; $19.95 for 6' call for pricing on other lengths.

sewingbird.jpg Sewing Bird
This turn of the century "third-hand" was a welcome companion in a ladies sewing room when stitching a hem or ripping one out. Clamp the sewing bird onto your table, clip the fabric in her beak, and place pins in the red velvet pincushion. You'll wonder how you've sewn for decades without one. Brass plated and comes in a fitted blue-satin lined box. A treasure deserving of a serious sewist. (This is a reproduction, real ones are valued ~$300-$700!) Gold finish.

Bag Stiffener-Large
Large sheet of professional grade bag stiffener, 12 1/2 x 17" allows you to cut the size you need with a craft scissors. This fiber board (not cardboard)is especially made for the bag industry and provides the right degree of stiffess and flexibility to the bottom of a purse or tote. It recovers from water and doesn't break when bent. Use more than one layer for extra firmness if desired.

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storktweezer.jpg Stork Tweezers
Everyone may have stork scissors BUT NOT silver stork tweezers. They are adorable! Life is too short not to have the cool stuff.

gloversneedle.jpg Glovers needle for Leather
Sold in pairs, this way when one gets dull you'll have another! These needles go through leather like "butter".

magneticsnap.jpg Magnetic Snaps
Magnetic Snaps are available in silver or gold. Great for purse or flap closures! Easy to install, simply push prongs through each side of fabric, slip on washer and bend prongs. These are the large heavy duty snaps that give a professional look and feel to your bag. Keep several in your stash, great for repairing other purses and adaptable to many uses. Hard to find item! Specify color, priced per snap.

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purselight.jpg Purse Light
Light up the inner sanctum of your purse with the purse light. Replaceable batteries and an elastic cord make it versatile if you want to attach it to your key ring.

needlesharpener.jpg Needle Sharpener and Polisher
Polish your needles in style with this beautiful needle sharpener/polisher. Wear as a quizzical necklace sure to draw comments. Life is too short not to have cool things.

Bag Stiffener- small
Bag stiffener is especially made for providing stability for bags and purses. This is a bendable semi-ridgid fiber board that does not crack, break, tear or degrade with water. Size 6 1/2 x 10 fits Jitney Tote Bag. Custom cuts available, call for pricing.
fingernailthimble.jpg Fingernail Thimble
Hard-to-find fingernail thimble to accomodate those gorgeous nails. Medium size

Secretsnap.jpg Secret Snap
$4.99's a secret. Install a hidden snap between layers of fabric to provide attraction. They are two magnatized discs that attract each other about 5/8" diameter.

Sew on Eyes
2 pairs in pkg. of sew on eyes work great for the Jitney Aquarium Fish Purses!

Interfacingfusiblebond.jpg Fusible Bond Interfacing for Purses
This is the professional fusible bond to interface purses with to give a stable yet relatively wrinkle free look to your bag. Priced per yard.

1" webbing
Per yard 1" poly-propolene webbing works great for the Jitney Tote Bag. Available by the yard in black, tan or red. Jitney bag using Jitney Rolled Leather handles require 3 yards, if using webbing for handles order 4 yards. Available in yard cuts only.
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heramarker.jpg Hera Marker
The Hera marker works great on leather by allowing you to place pressure in a thin score line. No ink or chalk involved. Brush to raise the nap and the line will disappear.

Finelinemarkingpen.jpg Fine Chaco Line Marking Pen
Silver is the only way to go as it shows up on both light and dark fabrics. Great for leather as the chalk line brushes away! Easy to use with ruler and on curves. This color is often hard to find order several!!!