Purse Frames
Now you can sew with real washable suede leather. This pigskin is specially tanned with an affinity for water so you can integrate it with fabric and wash the entire item. Recommended cold water wash and tumble dry low, iron on the wrong side. No more fear of the high prices of leather cleaning. Your home sewing machine can sew this with ease using a leather needle. Pricing: by the square foot as hides are irregularly shaped. Nature of the beast: Since hides are a natural product the hides may have scuffs, holes, tears due to the tanning process.
Washable Real Suede
This is a PER HIDE PRICE and hide sizes vary from 4-8 sq. ft. depending on availability (and size of pigs!). This fabulous real pigskin hide is machine washable cold water, tumble dry and iron on the wrong side. That means you can integrate it with fabric for your purses or garments and throw the whole thing in the washer for easy cleaning! Pre-wash recommended as their is slight shrinkage. Select color. If you are making a garment call for advice on how many square feet to purchase 414-416-8205. Enter number of square feet desired in quantity box and we will send closest number of hides to accommodate the amount you need.

Select color:
heramarker.jpg Hera Marker
The Hera marker works great on leather by allowing you to place pressure in a thin score line. No ink or chalk involved. Brush to raise the nap and the line will disappear.

Finelinemarkingpen.jpg Fine Chaco Line Marking Pen
Silver is the only way to go as it shows up on both light and dark fabrics. Great for leather as the chalk line brushes away! Easy to use with ruler and on curves. This color is often hard to find order several!!!